James - music

James - Music

From Taiwan's Million Voice TV competition to the mainland's Chinese Idol, from home-studio to full-blown recording set-ups, from coffee-shops to stadia, from shopping centres to Las Vegas, from gentle folk to heavy rock.

Recordings, live, soundtracks, ads...

There's music everywhere and James is everywhere there is music.

James has a large catalogue of recorded and yet-to-be recorded self-penned music and lyrics and has recorded, or performed live, some covers of classics.

Singing in English and/or Mandarin, James covers the two most widely understood languages on Earth.

James accepts commissions for soundtracks for TV, movies and advertising and for public appearances for e.g. product or buildings launches.

He will also write, perform and produce songs for special occasions.

James is exploring virtual appearances at special occasions such as product launches, sports or similar events or social events such as corporate conventions, sports events, etc.

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