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This website is managed by Vortex Centrum Limited on behalf of James Morris-Cotterill who is known, for professional purposes, as James Yang and James Yang Yong Cong both of which names are regarded as trade marks. It operates under that company's legal, privacy and data protection policies and authorisation.

In summary: we do record how you move through this site and where you arrived from. We do not record where you go next. The data we record is limited to your IP address, your operating system and browser and the type of device you use to access the site. We retain that information and use it to analyse how often visitors from that IP address visit the site and how they move around within the site and to help us design the site better. You are not required to register to use the site and we collect no personal information about you EXCEPT that if you submit a form, we retain the information on that form which will include your name, e-mail address and country. That information is retained for use in the ordinary course of business. It is not revealed to any third party. The data is held on our own (not shared) servers in the UK, hosted by Siteground.

For our full privacy, data protection and other policies, see Vortex Centrum . com

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