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On CD and streaming you can listen to James' music pretty much any time and anywhere. Here are some links.

Lost and Found: The second album.

Listen on Spotify:


Videos on my YouTube channel are here

My journey on Chinese Idol: I have a page just for them. It's here

There are other videos that are not on my channel. For example:

Long Time No See. I am amazed by the continuing popularity of this recording. I'm told that people still make requests for it - both on radio and even asking cover bands if they can play it. I heard of someone who had it as his ringtone. And it's still racking up the hits on YouTube and elsewhere.

Winter Rain in Taipei. This was my first video. It was a brilliant idea cleverly executed: long established MandoPop star Where Chou (周蕙) kind of introduces me, the new boy in town. Usually, we are trying to avoid the rain: for this video we were waiting for it to rain heavily enough! I can't believe that this was eight years ago. So much has happened since then.

Forget Who I Am. This song is an ear-worm! It was my first solo outing and I was still struggling to learn Mandarin. It never achieved the same success as "Long Time No See" but people tell me that when they hear this, it sticks in their head all day. By the way, that's not my flat in the video: it's much nicer than where I was living at the time! We were up in the hills above Taipei making this video. We didn't want it to rain. It did. We wanted it to be sunny. It wasn't. It was very, very cold but that's the thing about filming: you just have to get on with it and by the end of a very long, very cold shoot what we got was really rather good.


And then there's this! It's the title song from my first album, Stay which drifted into the market without any fanfare - there wasn't even a press release on the day. So what happened? It bounced to the top of regional charts within two days. Record shops in, e.g. Malaysia complained they couldn't get deliveries. The album ended up on street stalls selling counterfeits. My then record company were taken by surprise and quickly started promotions. But there was no video for the title track.

So they made this:

Then they did this: 我願意 (I'M WILLING) which is the studio version of the song that got me into Chinese Idol.

Perfect Day This is a very personal song. Administrative hassles meant I couldn't fly to the UK to see my grandfather who was in the advanced stages of cancer. We had been very close all my life and I was very sad that I couldn't get to see him before he died. I wrote this song for him to play in his last days. It's about some of the fun times we used to have, just driving around doing whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted and then home in time for tea. This is the English version.

Here's the version in Mandarin: I think this video reflects the song and the story much more closely. The old man in the video isn't my grandad but the photos are all mine and that is my grandad in them with me. It was a difficult video to make because by then my grandad had died . But there was something very funny, too: my first "proper" bike in London was a Raleigh - and that's what the producers turned up with in Taipei!.

一個沒有傘的人 The title translates as "A man without an umbrella" and, yes, we were hoping for rain again. And, again, Taipei didn't disappoint. The YouTube comments say that it was used in a TV programme in Singapore when this video was released. I don't think I knew that!

溫柔地,暴烈地 This is the Mandarin version of Silently, Violently. It's been used in TV programmes which is nice. Also, a couple of people have described it as a "masterpiece" in YouTube comments: that's nice, too! This was a YouTube premier on 18th December 2019 and everything looked promising with the new album, new videos, the acoustic sets recorded and ready for release and plans for a tour. Then the world crashed to coronavirus-driven halt, silently and violently.

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Here are some more songs that aren't on streaming, etc. services.

Check out my YouTube Channel for the acoustic sets of the English songs from Lost and Found for example.

And as soon as we can get back into the same country and a studio, we'll be back with the new album and more videos.

I hope you enjoy them all. Comment and share at YouTube if you do!

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